Lest You Forget; Prevention Of Infestations Begins With You

tick prevention libertyville

At this stage of your life, particularly at this stressful time, you may be willing to acknowledge that the human mind remains fallible. Even though you may consider yourself to be a highly productive and proactive individual, there are always those times when the tendency to forget something rather important occurs; and ironically, as Murphy’s Law may suggest, it is at the most horridly inconvenient and awkward times.

Because heaven forbid that your state of the art open plan kitchen should be overrun by cockroaches the very night that your dinner guests are expected to arrive. And at any moment too! And lo and behold that your staircase bannister starts to fall apart over the weekend owing to the long-term chewing of the termites, the very weekend that your grandma is expected to arrive for an extended visit.

And how is she to mount the stairs when it is in this unstable condition? Almost overnight the yard has turned into a right royal mess. And your poor hound appears to be its first victim. I’m telling you!? What to do; what to do? Tick-tock, tick-tock; the clock is ticking if you will. But, hey now! Don’t stress. Because here is what you do in this particular instance. You dial the tick prevention libertyville squad already.

Now, the massive clean-up operation that the technicians will be engaging in should serve as your first humane reminder. From this day forward, you are to remember to keep your yard as spotlessly clean as possible. You are to call for regular inspections for termite inspections. And needless to say, you are always expected to keep your stunning kitchen as clean as possible. So it goes that it appears to be the case that cleanliness may also be an overriding theme here.